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Even the most successful sales people need to brush up on their technique once in a while. In the world of sales, we all face increased competition and nowadays buyers are armed with so much information and technical know how that selling has become more and more sophisticated, requiring ever more subtle and thoughtful approaches.

ClearlySalesJobs is grateful to Sean McPheat, MD of MTD Sales Training for providing the following advice which will be very useful for anyone starting a career in sales as well as for sales people who wish to refresh their skills and ensure that their methods are consistent with those espoused by leading sales trainers.

10th Dec 2009 The DNA of the Modern Day Buyer

This article explains how and why the modern day buyer has changed over recent years and why it is more important than ever for sales people to understand their clients.

10th Dec 2009 How to Respond to Objections

Objection handling is a key skill for sales people and this article explains how to improve that skill by following a 3 step system.

10th Dec 2009 Planned Not Canned Sales Presentations

Preparation is key to deliver an effective sales pitch or presentation - here are 6 steps to follow to maximise your success.

10th Dec 2009 “Opening” Is the New “Closing” When Cold Calling

First impressions last so it's essential you start your cold calls off on the right note. This article offers some suggestions on how to open calls and thereby maximise your chances of making a sale.

10th Dec 2009 Dealing with your competition

Knowing how to talk about your competitors to potential clients is an essential skill any sales person must possess.

10th Dec 2009 How to Use Emotion and Logic to Influence

You may have read and heard that buyers make their purchasing decisions based upon emotion and they then back those decisions up with logic. This is absolutely true, but how can you use this knowledge to help you generate more sales?

10th Dec 2009 How to Sell an Appointment over the Telephone

Why do so many sales people have trouble in setting appointments? Nearly everyone has a problem in setting up enough good qualified appointments over the telephone.

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