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Does your CV clearly demonstrate all of your achievements, skills and experience? A poor constructed CV will stand in your way of getting your dream job. Follow the advice of Platinum Professional CV Services which will help you produce a successful CV. You may also wish to take advantage of their free CV review service if you feel you would benefit from further assistance.

25th Nov 2009 How to think about your sales CV.

Your sales CV is an opportunity to sell yourself. When writing your CV, approach it as you would a sales presentation...

25th Nov 2009 The content and structure of your sales CV.

The information you decide to include in your CV should be structured in a way that makes it easy to read as well as providing a powerful demonstration of your suitability as an employee.

25th Nov 2009 Writing your professional experience section.

This may be the section of your CV which is of most interest to potential employers. Your focus should be on recent experience, highlighting your successes.


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